Forests and agriculture

The pathway to nature-positive business: definitions, measurements and targets

On 30th November at 2-3pm CET, Innovation Forum hosted a webinar on nature-positive business appr...

Expert insight: future of sustainable commodities and landscapes

At Innovation Forum’s sustainable commodities and landscapes conference in Amsterdam, Ian Welsh s...

Regenerative food systems in Africa: scaling solutions to empower smallholder farmers

Click here to watch the full video recording. Click here to watch the recording in French transla...

Adopting landscape approaches: a how-to guide

Jack Hurd, executive director of the Tropical Forest Alliance and Emily Kunen, senior director, p...

Landscape collaboration to drive progress towards sustainable land use

This week: Jack Hurd, executive director of Tropical Forest Alliance, and Emily Kunen, senior dir...

Human rights in the forest: How REDD+ projects strengthen human rights in partnership with Indigenous Peoples and local communities

To watch the recording as a video, click here.Successful REDD+ projects that protect forests and ...

How a focus on human rights preserves forests

REDD+ projects are conservation partnerships that bring together stakeholders around a threatened...

Building a nature-positive future through landscape level engagement

Landscape approaches have gained prominence as a critical mechanism for companies to address supp...

Smallholder farmers and the challenges of EUDR compliance

If your business is closely connected to ingredients and materials coming from forested regions, ...

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