Forests and agriculture

Webinar recording – How can technology and data help us build more sustainable agricultural supply chains?

Food and agriculture industries are facing more pressing and interconnected challenges in their a...

Ensuring quality food and business: how to navigate incoming legislation

Lisa Spicka de Bevacqua, global director of sustainability consulting at auditor and certifiers N...

Field by field: scaling regenerative practices beyond pilots to wide adoption

Advancing regenerative agriculture farming has become a priority for agri-food stakeholders in an...

Monday briefing – Sustainable food for thought: next steps towards regenerative transition

This week: Mars Petcare's chief sustainability officer, Marika McCauley Sine, provides some refle...

Brazil's soy sector amid climate transitions, and US farmer voices

This week: Niamh McCarthy, director of climate-related risk at Orbitas, shares findings from a re...

Biological solutions for sustainable agriculture: how agri-food stakeholders can efficiently scale, accelerate and unlock innovation

In recent years, the agricultural industry has witnessed a significant shift towards sustainable ...

Stitching a sustainable apparel future

The recent conference in Amsterdam served as an important meeting point for apparel sector policy...

How to put landscape theory into practice

The concept of taking a landscape approach to address environmental and social challenges is not ...

Feeding the world without busting the planet: the future of food and beverage

There are many examples of how food and beverage businesses are working to deliver sustainable, r...

The Future of Food and Beverage USA


29th - 30th May 2024

Sustainable Commodities and Land Use Forum


22nd - 23rd October 2024

The Scope 3 Innovation Forum


12th - 13th June 2024

Sustainable Packaging Innovation Forum


29th - 30th October 2024

Sustainable Apparel and Textiles Conference USA

New York City

25th - 26th June 2024

The Scope 3 Innovation Forum USA

Washington, DC

3rd - 4th December 2024

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