Forests and agriculture

Microphone Can food really be climate-positive?

This week: Daniel Baertschi, food and agriculture sector lead at Quantis, discusses how making th...

Microphone How to work with uncertified palm oil farmers

Samuel Avaala, general manager of Benso Oil Palm Plantation in Ghana, talks with Innovation Forum...

Microphone Solving the traceability challenges for uncertified palm oil

This week: Samuel Avaala from Benso Oil Palm Plantation in Ghana, talks about how to work with su...

Microphone How partnership empowers Ghana’s cocoa growers

This week: Eunice Oduro, project manager at anti-poverty NGO CARE in Ghana and Samuel Apana, Carg...

Microphone Why responsible forests mean supply chain clarity

Pina Gervassi, FSC’s climate director, talks with Innovation Forum’s Ian Welsh about the benefits...

Microphone Why natural climate solutions are about much more than just planting trees

Danone’s Marie-Pierre Bousquet Lecomte, Nestlé’s Conor McMahon, Cargill’s Robert Horster, and Eve...

Image field of lettuce dreamstime s 90466058

The future for food – make the commitments and spread the risk

The recent future of food events threw up the usual mix of innovation, frustration, solutions and...

Image deforestation dreamstime 11317437

The devil in the detail of deforestation data

There was, it seemed, good news emerging from one of the planet’s most important ecosystems: the ...

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EU food policy: the triumph of dogma over pragmatism

How we feed ourselves sustainably is one of our biggest challenges thanks to population pressures...

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The Future of Plastics

Calendar icon Virtual

Location icon 11th - 13th October 2021

Image dreamstime m 86078171

Sustainable Landscapes and Commodities Forum

Calendar icon Virtual

Location icon 30th November 2021 - 2nd December 2021

Image shutterstock 1008300094

The Future of Climate Action

Calendar icon Virtual

Location icon 27th - 29th September 2021

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