Human rights and trade

Lifting the curtains: ethical trade and human rights corporate regulation

Founding director and director of sustainable sourcing at Brodie partners, Georgie Erangey and Da...

What good ethical trade and human rights regulation looks like

This week: Brodie partners' founding director, Georgie Erangey, and director of sustainable sourc...

Monday briefing: Rana Plaza collapse ten years on – progress but challenges remain

In this week's preview of what's coming up, Innovation Forum's Ian Welsh and Bea Stevenson talk a...

What does the route to responsible sourcing and ethical trade look like?

Hear some on-the-spot reflections at the recent responsible sourcing and ethical trade forum in L...

On the road to responsible sourcing and ethical trade

This week: During Innovation Forum’s responsible sourcing and ethical trade event in London, some...

How due diligence regulation levels the playing field

Bayer’s head of ethics and social impact, Janina Lukas, talks with Innovation Forum’s Ian Welsh a...

Modern slavery risk: the links between money laundering and human trafficking

Financial institutions are not immune from the scourge of modern slavery in the form of human tra...

Modern slavery messages not yet getting through

The inaugural UK Top100 Corporate Modern Slavery Influencers’ Index, backed by BRE and the anti-t...

Recruitment incentives continue to drive modern slavery

Illicit revenues from forced labour stand at $150 billion a year, the Consumer Goods Forum estima...

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