Plastic pollution

Microphone Webinar – Real-world plastic and carton recycling solutions that work

Collection and recycling of material plays a vital part in enabling a circular economy and is an ...

Microphone The challenges for Coca-Cola to meet plastics targets

Joe Franses, vice-president sustainability, Coca-Cola European Partners talks with Ian Welsh abou...

Microphone Can waste be converted into plastic?

This week: Tato Bigio, CEO of UBQ Materials Israel, explains how waste destined for landfill can ...

Microphone The path to 100% recycled plastic for Coca-Cola

This week: Joe Franses, vice-president for sustainability at Coca-Cola European Partners, discuss...

Microphone Smallholder farm living incomes, and Atlantic plastic pollution crisis

This week: Yuca Waarts from Wageningen University on the business interventions that can really h...

Microphone Why the plastics debate must focus on collection and recycling

Kristin Hughes, director of the Global Plastic Action Partnership, a multistakeholder initiative ...

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How to tackle the plastic waste problem from the bottom up

Ian Welsh: What is the Global Plastic Action Partnership and why was it set up?Kristin Hughes: Th...

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The continuing complexities of what to do about plastic

The solution with plastic packaging from the consumer perspective is straightforward: business sh...

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Can brands go plastic free?

One thing is clear: consumers have got the message that plastic pollution is a major environmenta...

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The Future of Food USA

Calendar icon Minneapolis

Location icon 14th - 15th June 2022

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Sustainable Landscapes and Commodities Forum

Calendar icon Amsterdam

Location icon 1st - 2nd November 2022

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