Supply chain strategy

Microphone Keep training relevant to engage suppliers

Sarah Carpenter, manager for business and human rights at Assent Compliance, explains to Ian Wels...

Microphone How to get to grips with supplier human rights training

This week: Sarah Carpenter, manager for business and human rights at Assent Compliance, on how to...

Microphone How the food sector can really drive climate change action

This week: Ryan Lynch, practice director for sustainability at BSI, discusses what’s required fro...

Microphone How ‘purchasing with purpose’ is impacting apparel consumer choice

Terry Lawler, fabric development manager for Naia at Eastman, discusses with Ian Welsh changing c...

Microphone CottonConnect on why natural capital accounting can help projects scale

This week: Amol Mishra, global commercial director at CottonConnect, talks about some of the chal...

Microphone How the apparel sector can cut supply chain emissions and water use

PEFC’s CEO and secretary-general Ben Gunneburg and Innovation Forum’s Ian Welsh talk about how so...

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How to drive effective action on sustainable fashion

The apparel sector has acknowledged a need to do better in removing abuses from its supply chain....

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When better analysis can help address supply chain challenges

From Brazil to Indonesia, on issues from food production to mineral extraction, companies constan...

Image crop2 spice girls launch t shirt campaign in support of gender justice for comic relief 01 edited 1

Why local capacity building could solve the Spice Girls’ problem

“Deeply shocked and appalled” was the reaction of the Spice Girls, forced to issue a statement fo...

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The Future of Plastics

Calendar icon Virtual

Location icon 20th - 22nd October 2020

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Sustainable Landscapes and Commodities Forum

Calendar icon Virtual

Location icon 3rd - 5th November 2020

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