Supply chain strategy

Microphone How better visibility can help de-commoditise supply chains

Niels Wielaard founder and CEO of Satelligence talks with Ian Welsh about initiatives that are de...

Microphone What action is necessary for resilient smallholder supply chains?

Peter Stanbury, senior associate at Innovation Forum, talks with Ian Welsh about new research int...

Microphone How to build a resilient production landscape

Marianne Marinet, programmes director for the Earthworm Foundation, Emily Kunen, global responsib...

Microphone How can investors unlock supply chain opportunities?

This week: Victoria Crawford, manager of the Investment Partnership Network at Just Rural Transit...

Microphone What is necessary for a landscape approach to work for palm oil?

This week: Olivier Tichit, director for sustainable supply chains at Musim Mas, talks about the e...

Microphone How commodities are going deforestation-free in Colombia

Rainforest Alliance’s Mauricio Galindo, WWF’s Camila Cammaert and Laura Rojas Salazar, ONF Andina...

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Smallholder supply chain sustainability is (currently) not sustainable

Innovation Forum set out on the first Innovation Accelerator project to try to understand better ...

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Why landscape solutions need engagement and time

Engaging with producer communities has become a greater priority for buyer and brands – that is c...

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Livelihoods, ownership and impact: how business can engage growers to meet deforestation commitments

While there has been a significant improvement in the appetite for buyers and brands to get to kn...

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Sustainable Apparel and Textiles Conference

Calendar icon Virtual

Location icon 27th - 29th April 2021

Image soybean field

The Future of Food Europe

Calendar icon Virtual (BST Time Zone)

Location icon 15th - 17th June 2021

Image waldemar brandt ncqxxssg3oo unsplash2

The Future of Food USA

Calendar icon Virtual (US Central Time Zone)

Location icon 23rd - 25th March 2021

Image dreamstime xxl 119611287

Climate Innovation Forum

Calendar icon Virtual

Location icon 25th - 27th May 2021

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