Supply chain strategy

Microphone Climate risks to worker health in commodity supply chains

New podcast: Epidemiologist Jason Glaser, CEO of La Isla Network, talks about the risks for any c...

Microphone Challenges to the seafood sector from a changing climate

At Innovation Form’s recent Future of Food conference, Erin Priddle, northern Europe regional dir...

Microphone Barry Callebaut and Cargill on how data drives value chain traceability

This week: Taco Terheijden, director, cocoa sustainability at Cargill, and Nicko Debenham, vice p...

Microphone Sir Ian Boyd on food sector efficiency challenges on the road to COP26

Innovation Forum’s Toby Webb talks with Sir Ian Boyd, professor of biology at the University of S...

Microphone Seafood sector climate change impacts, and apparel sector forced labour risks

This week: Expert insight from Cargill’s Dave Robb, Thai Union’s Tracy Cambridge, the Marine Stew...

Microphone Textile Exchange on COP26 apparel sector policy impacts

At Innovation Forum’s recent sustainable apparel and textiles conference, Textile Exchange COO Cl...

Image kenyan farmer dreamstime xs 54386789

The role of a sustainable commodities marketplace for procurement

Innovation Forum’s recent research into smallholder farming reached the unavoidable conclusion th...

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Bangladesh: the challenges of adapting 4m apparel sector livelihoods

Please note: this Q+A is extracted from a podcast recorded in December 2019, when Rubana Huq was ...

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How fashion can get to net-zero

Ian Welsh: When talking about climate targets, definitions are very important. What does net-zero...

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How business can tackle GHGs in the supply chain

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The Sustainable Landscapes and Commodities Forum

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Location icon 30th November 2021 - 2nd December 2021

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