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Farmer data that delivers: How to collect, collate and utilise on-farm data to ensure everyone benefits across the chain

To ensure crop yields are optimised and inputs minimised, food brands and their suppliers need clear, unambiguous data. Analysing the right numbers can enable farmers ...

Location icon 29 September 2020 - 15:00

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How do you make a company forest positive?

‘Forest positive’ sounds like public relations nonsense. It’s not. It’s a serious transformation process, well underway at one of Asia’s biggest forestry companies, wi...

Location icon 8 October 2020 - 12:00

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Incentives for smallholders that help save forests

Golden Agri-Resources head of sustainability implementation Gotz Martin talks about finding solutions for viable smallholder farmer communities, and some of the obstacles that prevent participatory conservation planning, including land title questions, insufficient incentives, lack of government support and up-front costs.Plus: over 1,500 net zero commitments from big business since 2019; brand...

Location icon 25 Sep 20

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How to develop effective grievance systems that workers trust

Drew Northern, director, global anticorruption at Cook Group, talks with Innovation Forum’s Ian W...

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Can apparel successfully transition to a circular economy?

Recorded at the recent Innovation Forum sustainable apparel and textiles conference are Anna Mari...

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Sustainable forest fibres and net-zero emissions challenges

This week: Ben Gunneberg, CEO of PEFC International, on the benefits for the apparel sector from ...

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FSC and Eastman Naia on the sourcing sustainable wood pulp challenges

Ruth Farrell, textiles marketing director at Eastman Naia, and Andrés Ortolano, FSC Italy chain o...

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Dupont on apparel sector circular economy models

This week: Renee Henze, global marketing and channel development director, Dupont Biomaterials, t...

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Farm environmental impact: innovation and progress in animal agriculture

In this webinar, the panel discusses the pressing need within the food and agriculture industry t...

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Why business must develop human rights with recourse

This week: Drew Northern from US-based Cook Group describes the importance of establishing effect...

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Tracking food supply chains to develop pandemic response

Bryan Yates, general manager and director of sales for Europe, Middle East and Africa at Orbital ...

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The forest fibre potential for the apparel sector

This week: Andrés Ortolano, FSC Italy chain of custody manager, and Ruth Farrell, textiles market...

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How the pandemic should be managed to minimise human rights impact

Phil Bloomer, executive director of the Business and Human Rights Resource Centre, talks with Inn...

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H&M and Puma on apparel’s low carbon future

This week: H&M’s Pascal Brun and Puma Group’s Stefan Seidel debate action on climate change a...

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Webinar – Companies as human rights defenders: the future of ethical trade?

In this session, an expert panel discusses the opportunity for business to act as human rights de...

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