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Farmer data that delivers: How to collect, collate and utilise on-farm data to ensure everyone benefits across the chain

To ensure crop yields are optimised and inputs minimised, food brands and their suppliers need clear, unambiguous data. Analysing the right numbers can enable farmers ...

Location icon 29 September 2020 - 15:00

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How do you make a company forest positive?

‘Forest positive’ sounds like public relations nonsense. It’s not. It’s a serious transformation process, well underway at one of Asia’s biggest forestry companies, wi...

Location icon 8 October 2020 - 12:00

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Incentives for smallholders that help save forests

Golden Agri-Resources head of sustainability implementation Gotz Martin talks about finding solutions for viable smallholder farmer communities, and some of the obstacles that prevent participatory conservation planning, including land title questions, insufficient incentives, lack of government support and up-front costs.Plus: over 1,500 net zero commitments from big business since 2019; brand...

Location icon 25 Sep 20

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Webinar – Supplier engagement and training on human rights: How to scale programs across supply chains

Working with suppliers is key to implementing human rights policy, and driving greater understand...

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How geospatial data analysis can track pandemic impacts on food supply chains

This week: Bryan Yates, general manager and director of sales for Europe, Middle East and Africa ...

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Webinar – Responsible recruitment: How to mitigate risk of modern slavery reaching supply chains

At the point of recruitment, workers are often at their most vulnerable to falling into modern sl...

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Webinar – What is the right level of corporate disclosure on human rights?

Corporate transparency on human rights has never been more important, and many initiatives have b...

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Webinar – Human rights legislation and worldwide compliance: How to keep ahead of the regulatory curve

With continually evolving regulatory growth, international compliance has become all the more com...

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Webinar – Child labour monitoring and remediation: How are corporate approaches evolving?

The effective abolition of child labour is one of the 10 UN Global Compact principles aiming to p...

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How to work with suppliers to tackle critical human rights risks

This week: Why education and active engagement is how to work with suppliers to implement human r...

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Webinar – Supply chain risk mapping: Advances in tech to map and monitor supply chain risks

Traceability is incredibly important in mapping and monitoring high risk areas of the supply chai...

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The supply chain human rights risks to watch for from Covid-19 impacts

This week: Phil Bloomer, executive director of the Business and Human Rights Resource Centre, dis...

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Why the plastics debate must focus on collection and recycling

Kristin Hughes, director of the Global Plastic Action Partnership, a multistakeholder initiative ...

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How global human rights rules impact corporate supply chains

This week: Highlights from a recent Innovation Forum webinar discussing evolving business and hum...

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Wageningen University on poverty alleviation in cocoa, coffee and tea supply chains

Yuca Waarts, senior researcher, sustainable value chain development, Wageningen University talks ...

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