Performance metrics in procurement: How procurement departments can engage suppliers in measurable and verifiable scope 3 emissions reductions

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The procurement department has a key role in engaging and incentivising suppliers in emissions reduction. But the process doesn’t end there. It also has a key role in monitoring and assessing supplier progress. 
In this session, we’ll assess how procurement teams can establish the right metrics and KPIs to evaluate supply chain partners against climate targets. We’ll discuss:
  • How to set up the right frameworks to incentivise suppliers to act in the medium and long term
  • How to manage the cost implications of supply chain decarbonisation – can innovation and efficiency pay for what’s needed? 
  • The technologies and tools available to monitor and verify supply chain emissions reductions
  • The potential unintended consequences that can mean slow actors are rewarded at the expense of already ‘green’ suppliers
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Vance Merolla


Worldwide Director, Global Sustainability

Thumb araujo  gladis g

Gladis Araujo


Vice President of Global Quality Systems

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Oliver Hurrey

Scope 3 Peer Group

Chair & Founder


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