Farmers track - Financial incentives for farmers in supply chains: How to drive sustainable practices

Clock icon 14:30 - 14:30
  • Which incentives work for farmers, and are sustainable for business? 
  • How viable are financial incentives as a long-term solution to forest protection and sustainable land management? 
  • Have REDD+ schemes succeeded and what’s their future as an incentive mechanism? 
  • How to determine and quantify the impact -and ROI - of financial incentives? Including how to get around the issue of causality? 
Thumb david cleary

David Cleary

The Nature Conservancy

Director of Global Agriculture

Thumb euan murray

Euan Murray

The Sustainability Consortium

Chief Executive Officer

Thumb dawn corn picture

Dawn Emerson


Head of Sustainability, Cargill Agricultural Supply Chain, EMEA

Thumb ruth gaa

Ruth Thomas

Global Agri-business Alliance

Director, GAA & SCF

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