Tech & Innovation track - Satellite technology insights to protect and regenerate forests - a case study of Cavally Forest

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Airbus Defence and Space, Earthworm Foundation and SODEFOR are continuing to monitor deforestation in the Cavally Forest Reserve in Côte d’Ivoire using Starling satellite monitoring technology.

Used as part of a pilot project from December 2017 to July 2018 in the Cavally Forest Reserve, Starling combines high-resolution satellite images (optical and radar) to allow unbiased monitoring of forest cover change. This technology has made it possible to detect forest cover disturbances with 95 percent accuracy and establish an updated reference map of the Cavally Forest Reserve.

This session will examine the results obtained during the pilot, and reflect on the agreement to continue using Starling to monitor the Cavally Forest Reserve until the end of December 2019. 
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Patrick Houdry

Airbus Defence and Space

Head of Sales Agriculture & Forestry

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Bastien Sachet

Earthworm Foundation


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Julia Christian


Forest Policy Adviser

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