Reframing the narrative: Should business move from enforcing zero-deforestation to incentivising sustainable development when engaging producer countries?

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For producer countries to be fully engaged and support sustainability efforts, there must be clear incentives in place. It could be argued that often zero-deforestation commitments don’t go far enough to incentivise good practice, but simply to disincentivise malpractice. Too much stick, with no carrot. 
On the other hand, initiatives such as The Coalition for Sustainable Livelihoods engage government by focusing on collective action to drive economic development, reduce poverty and improve natural resource management. This change of emphasis towards sustainable development promotes the benefits and incentives in a much more prominent manner. 
This session will debate whether the zero-deforestation rhetoric has helped, and whether this is the right way to continue to engage governments. We’ll assess the pros and cons of changing tact to promoting sustainable development, and how this fits into broader engagement around the landscape approach. 

Thumb jonathan horrell   mondelez

Jonathan Horrell

Mondelēz International

Director Sustainability

Thumb nathalie photo

Nathalie Walker

National Wildlife Federation

Director, Tropical Forests and Agriculture

Thumb yuca waarts innovation forum

Yuca Waarts

Wageningen University & Research

Senior Researcher, Sustainable Value Chain Development

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Jean-François Timmers


Global Soy Lead

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