Climate: Dealing with the inevitable: How can business guarantee food security and help build climate change resilience?

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Climate change and food security are closely linked, with climate change comes an increase in natural disasters such as intense floods, droughts and storms. Miscalculated planting times and failed crops lead to poverty and hunger amongst farmers, as well as destabilising supply chains and jeopardising global food security.  

In this session we’ll talk about:
  • The latest innovations in farming techniques and inputs that reduce exposure to changing climates 
  • How best to educate farmers around the efficient use of resources and crop diversification 
  • The role of business in building resilience in local communities, for example by installing renewable energy sources
Thumb michael alexander

Michael Alexander


Head of Water, Environment, Agriculture Sustainability

Thumb matthew morell

Dr. Matthew Morell

International Rice Research Institute (IRR)

Director General

Thumb guendel 320

Ronald Guendel

Bayer Crop Science

Global Head Food Security and Advocacy

Thumb ruth gaa

Ruth Thomas

Global Agri-business Alliance

Director, GAA & SCF

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