A new era for transparency: How to build consumer trust and satisfy demand for information

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Consumers are increasingly demanding transparency in their food. This desire has traditionally been driven by health-conscious consumers, but more recently millennials and ethical consumers are also looking for more information. In order to build trust and loyalty, food brands must embrace this new era in transparency. But with customers demanding detailed, comprehensive and readily available information on a vast array of products, how can food brands keep up?    
In this closing session, we will debate how far the food industry must go to satisfy consumer demands for information. We’ll consider the new technologies that are enabling a greater level of transparency and assess the opportunities behind complete, open disclosure.
Thumb xavier roussel dole w

Xavier Roussel

Dole Food Company

Vice President Marketing and Sustainability

Thumb sarah l

Sarah Ludmer

Kellogg Company

Senior Director Wellbeing and Regulatory

Thumb jill   cargill

Jill Kolling


VP, Global Sustainability

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