Decarbonizing manufacturing: How to engage suppliers in emissions reduction targets and incentivise action within the supply chain

13:45 - 13:45
Breakout session in the supplier engagment track. 

Breakout sessions are structured a little differently. We've revamped the format to utilise the full extent of the expertise in the room. This is to ensure we deliver real, focused problem solving that tackles these critical business challenges and provides clear and practical outputs.  

Maria Venus

Fenix Outdoor Group / Fjällräven

Sustainability Environmental Manager Souring and Production

Katy Stevens

European Outdoor Group

Head of CSR and Sustainability


For any questions on the climate conference, please contact:

Natasha Bodnar
Project Director
[email protected]

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For more information and to inquire about the climate innovation forum, please contact:

Anita Thomson
Chief Partnerships Officer
[email protected] 

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