We partner with companies to deliver bespoke stakeholder engagement, research and sustainability communications services that utilise our network and our cross-industry experience to promote positive change. 

Because we have the reach, the expertise, and the focus to deliver independent, structured support, our partners trust us to deliver key insights in these areas.

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Focused audience and wide network

Our audience includes more than 40,000 senior professionals working in sustainability and supply chains, globally. We also have close relationships with actors across the full supply chain, in different geographies, covering all industries.

Subject matter expertise

With decades of collective experience in business sustainability, we are able to help organisations answer their hardest questions and overcome their toughest challenges. We are experts in fostering practical and impactful dialogue, designed for real change.

Independent and objective

We are aware of the business reality, and are able to provide a neutral forum for genuine collaboration across sectors. We ask the questions that others cannot. Our partners choose to work with us as we are a trusted convenor and honest broker.

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Stakeholder engagement

  • Build relationships with a diverse mix of key stakeholders through a two-way dialogue 
  • Candid feedback and concrete advice on specific programs and initiative
  • Focused conversations with experienced professionals that reach the depth required 
  • Practical guidance and clear results that refine and direct strategy

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Sustainability Communication

  • Showcase initiatives and projects to a wide network of cross-industry professionals
  • Engage with focused and relevant stakeholders who are eager to learn from their peers
  • Raise your profile and develop your reputation as a key player and thought leader
  • Drive awareness of new strategies and programs through an independent and objective forum

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Publishing and research

  • Utilise IF's experience and expertise in supply chain sustainability to help answer the difficult questions
  • Support and promote independent research into critical business issues
  • Develop tangible guidance and practical insights into the toughest challenges in sustainability 
  • Influence business and policy discussions through nuanced communications around findings

Recent reports include:

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For any questions about our services:

Tanya Richard
Chief Operating Officer and Head of Stakeholder Engagement
[email protected]

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