Mastering Scope 3: 101 Workshop

13:45 - 13:45
A workshop for the ‘beginners’ in the audience. Scope 3 101 will take attendees through the basics of supplier engagement and emissions reductions. If you’re just getting started in your net zero ‘journey’, then this is the place to get started right. 

The workshop will cover:

  • Awareness and education with tier one suppliers 
  • Identify and engage on the easy wins
  • Beyond easy wins, how do suppliers assess what is needed and access finance for low carbon approaches?
  • How to get suppliers to think deeper, into their own supply chains, and report, verify, measure etc.
  • How to help suppliers tell their own story, reporting for us, and for others, to build the business case


For any questions on the climate conference, please contact:

Natasha Bodnar
Project Director
[email protected]

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Registration for the climate innovation forum is currently open. To sign up, you can do so online here, or get in touch directly for details of group discounts. 


For more information and to inquire about the climate innovation forum, please contact:

Anita Thomson
Chief Partnerships Officer
[email protected] 

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