What does it mean to become a “regenerative business”, in reality?

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Regenerative approaches are being increasingly pursued by businesses looking for ways to reduce their climate impact. For instance, Walmart has committed to become a fully regenerative business and has set ambitious goals around GHG emissions for its farming suppliers. But what does becoming regenerative actually mean in practice and realistically what are the opportunities for impact at scale?
In this session, our panel will discuss:
·       What does it mean practically to become a regenerative business? Are we just re-branding sustainability?
·       How have leaders in regenerative agriculture delivered change already, and what are the key lessons? 
·       How does it impact climate targets and performance? In particular, what does it mean for the supply chain?
Thumb vanessa m

Vanessa Maire


Global Head of Regenerative Agriculture

Thumb nick betts

Nick Betts

SAI Platform

Regenerative Agriculture Director

Thumb headshot franco

Franco Costantini


Managing Director


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