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This two day climate conference will focus entirely on the practical action business can take to tackle Scope 3 emissions. We’ll highlight leading company practices and assess how business transformation, supply chain innovation and low-carbon solutions can deliver results on the ground.
The conference will bring together an expert group of cross-industry practitioners. The focus throughout will remain on the practical steps business can take to engage key actors, decarbonize supply chains and achieve net zero.

The speakers

Katherine Hayhoe

The Nature Conservancy

Chief Scientist

Kevin Rabinovitch


Global VP Sustainability & Chief Climate Officer

Terryn Lawrence


Chief Sustainability Officer

Maureen Kline

Pirelli Tire North America

Vice President, Public Affairs & Sustainability, North America

Andre Welch

Ford Motor Company

Director of Government Relations

Michèle Zollinger


Global Sustainable Sourcing for Pulp and Paper & Climate Forest Lead

Hervé Duteil

BNP Paribas

Chief Sustainability Officer, Americas

Liz Minné, PhD


Global Sustainability Director

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Agenda highlights

  • Climate policy: How will evolving legislation impact business strategy on climate?
  • From commitments to action: What does a credible roadmap to net zero look like in the short, medium and long term? 
  • Science-based targets: The impact of FLAG guidance on business strategy and action onclimate
  • Map, measure, manage: How are leading companies performing against their climate targets?
  • Net zero finance: How the financial sector can drive Scope 3 reductions, supply chain transformation and an effective climate transition
  • The future of climate action: What will the net zero supply chain look like by 2030?
  • Carbon accounting: How will accounting frameworks and evolving guidance will impact your climate transition strategy?
  • The evolution of carbon markets: An overview of what’s credible, what’s not and what’s next for carbon markets
  • Mandatory climate disclosure: How can business and investors align to ensure reporting is consistent, accurate and drives progress 
  • Credibility, accountability and trust: How to verify emissions reductions and green claims 
  • Supplier incentives, training and capacity building: How to work WITH suppliers to drive scope 3 emissions reductions
  • Product carbon footprinting: Can we align frameworks, measurements and metrics? Or are we stuck comparing apples with oranges?
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Why attend?

Discover best practices from industry leaders and get in-depth guidance on how to effectively implement policies

Meet & network with an influential audience of key stakeholders, including NGOs, business, government and supply chain actors

Benchmark company performance amongst a room of your peers and discover where you should be focusing efforts

The Future of Climate Action: How business can tackle Scope 3 GHGs

Key themes and emerging issues that we’ll cover over two days of behind-closed-doors discussion. No PowerPoint, no corporate presentations. Just in-depth, engaging debate and discussion on the critical business issues.

From climate targets to climate action
How leading businesses are performing against their climate targets, and the practical steps to transition from targets to action in the short, medium and long term
Forest, land-use and agriculture
How the latest frameworks and guidance will impact business strategy and action on climate 
Supplier engagement
Best practice and leading company approaches to engage, incentivise and enable suppliers on emissions reductions
Data, technology and innovation
The latest tools and technologies that can drive low carbon sourcing and the business model evolution that is driving net zero
The collective intellect, experience and dedication to frank discussion about authentic change has inspired me enormously.
- The Sustainable Apparel and Textiles Forum US 2023
Laurel Schaffer / Founder at VIV Refashioned Couture
Enjoyed the content, great speakers, and good conversations in between. Big thanks to Innovation Forum for hosting such a great event.
- Future of Food USA Forum 2023
Susanne Mathis-Alig / Senior director sustainability, head impact investment at Mondelez
Congratulations to Innovation Forum for organizing such a productive and informative event! I learned a great deal from all the sustainability experts present and made great contacts.

What’s different about this forum?

Innovation Forum is:
  • Candid: Entirely off-the-record discussion that enables open and honest disclosure from speakers and genuine participation from the audience.
  • Practical: A clear focus on the practical and actionable guidance that can drive change throughout industries and supply chains.
  • Focused: We provide enough time, resources and expertise to the issues that really matter. We don’t skate the surface, but get to the crux of the issues to provide in-depth, constructive discussion.
Innovation Forum is NOT:
  • A PR platform: Enthusiastic speakers are NOT given free rein to fill a session presenting their companies, allowing no time to actually get to the crux of the issues.
  • A talking shop: This is NOT an opportunity for a group people in a room to simply agree with everything said, regardless of outcomes.
  • All promise, no delivery: We will NOT promise what we can’t deliver. The issues covered are complex. They won’t be solved at a two-day conference. But we will help deliver progress through in-depth, constructive and practical advice around specific issues.

Who attends

The Nature Conservancy
Barry Callebaut
International Paper
Johnson & Johnson
Mondelēz International
General Mills
Otto Group
Burger King
Ford Motor Company
Ahold Delhaize
VF Corporation
The Coca-Cola Company
World Resources Institute
Campbell Soup Company
Walgreens Boots Alliance
AB InBev
Natura & Co

The venue

Convene Arlington

1201 Wilson Blvd 30th floor

Arlington, VA
United States

More details

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Climate action

Innovation Forum has hosted the Future of Climate Action online since 2021. For the first time, we are bringing this conference to Washington, DC to meet in-person. 

Join us for two in-depth days of debate and discussion focussed entirely on the practical action business can take to tackle Scope 3 emissions

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