Embedding circularity: The fundamentals of a successful transition from linear to circular business models

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With finite resources close to depletion and a waste crisis, it is inevitable that businesses will need to shift to circular business models. Such a systemic change will require planning, time and money. The process of transitioning from linear to circular business models is a complex one and the difficulty of achieving a truly circular economy should not be underestimated. 

Nevertheless, it is crucial to a sustainable future and so business needs to tackle this challenge head on.
In this session, learn about the practical steps you can make within your business to achieve the beginnings of a circular business model.
Thumb bill hall new

Bill Hall

Hall Partners


Thumb katie schindall   cisco

Katie Schindall


Senior Manager; Lead for Circular Economy

Thumb eunice heath   dow

Eunice Heath

The Dow Chemical Company

Corporate Director of Sustainability

Thumb david nix   braskem

David Nix


Sustainability / Recycling Leader

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