Define materiality: How to balance competing interests

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Identifying what’s material to your business is crucial to structuring a robust sustainability strategy and reporting effectively. Defining materiality effectively will better focus efforts, improve performance and drive greater positive impact across your business programs. 
This session will look at the latest practices for determining materiality. We’ll assess how to respond to input and expectations from a range of stakeholders, and what to do when these views differ. 
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Maureen Kline

Pirelli Tire North America

Vice President, Public Affairs & Sustainability

Thumb kate elliot   tesla

Kate Elliott


Regional Manager, Charging

Thumb shagona green   coca cola

Shagonda Green

The Coca-Cola Company

Senior Governance Manager for Public Affairs, Communications and Sustainability

Thumb ann tracy   colgate palmolive

Ann Tracy


Vice President, Safety, Sustainability and Supply Chain Strategy

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