Climate aspiration v. business growth: Can we unravel the incompatibility of these corporate goals?

09:05 - 09:25
Most leaders in the industry agree that reducing the impact of operations is an essential cornerstone in their sustainability goals. From waste elimination, advanced recycling, material innovation, and supply chain oversight, experts are exploring a multitude of avenues to help minimize the negative environmental ramifications of the fashion industry. 

However, most brands are still operating on a traditional growth business model – one designed to produce more products. How can we expect to reduce emissions and achieve climate goals, when our business models suggest the opposite?

In this opening session, we’ll discuss:

  • How do sustainability leaders navigate conflicts with traditional growth models and aggressive climate goals? What strategies are most effective in harmonizing these objectives?
  • Are there emerging business models or innovative approaches that hold the key to achieving both climate targets and sustainable growth?

Ken Pucker

The Fletcher School at Tufts University

Professor of Practice: Sustainable Business Dynamics

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