Legislative landscape: The evolution of global regulation and the impact on business operations

11:00 - 11:45
The legislative landscape is evolving rapidly. While legislation like the FABRIC Act, Fashion Act, and Climate Corporate Data Accountability Act have kept leaders on their toes, global legislation like the EU’s crackdown on greenwashing and higher due diligence standards also stand to both impact and influence the US markets. 

In this session we’ll hear from industry leaders on what all of this legislation means for brands and how they can get (and stay) ahead of compliance requirements. We’ll address: 

  • How can brands keep up with more stringent compliance and transparency demands in the face of evolving regulatory frameworks?
  •  In regions where regulations may be less stringent, how can brands maintain consistent and high standards across global operations?
  • How can brands proactively assess and mitigate supply chain risks associated with rapidly changing regulatory landscapes?

Sophia Legros


Senior Director of Product Integrity, Compliance, and Sustainability

Jamil Ahmad

United Nations Environment Programme

Director of the UNEP New York Office

Amit Gautam


Founder and CEO

Frank Zambrelli

Fashion Makes Change

Vice chair

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