Material dilemmas: Can we agree the right metrics and frameworks to measure true material impact?

10:50 - 11:40
Material decisions is like an obstacle course of dodging unintended consequences. While material innovation has added new options to the market, these alternatives and their various impacts when developed at scale are not as clear. Natural vs. synthetics, water vs. emissions, weight vs. longevity – designers and procurement teams are flooded with decisions and extensive pros and cons lists of material choices. 

In this session, we’ll ask industry leaders to weigh in on their material selection process, their method of comparisons, and what tookits are available to help make a decision. We’ll also ask:

  • How can brands improve data collection to avoid unintended consequences of material choices? What does a holistic approach to measurement need to include?
  • What frameworks are available to align on sustainability strategies?
  • How can brands ensure consistency in material impact assessment across different markets

Elizabeth Keegan

Peterson Projects and Solutions

Head of Textiles Services

Krishna Manda


Vice President Corporate Sustainability

Katy O'Brien

New Balance

Head of Sustainable Innovation

Monica Becker

Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute

Director of Market Transformation

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