Avoid a greenwash reputation: How better data can protect corporate reputation & stakeholder buy-in

13:20 - 13:50
Greenwashing comes in all shapes and fonts; blatant lies about products are no longer the standard for a greenwashing accusation. Misleading statements, unsubstantiated claims, or even just a gap in your data can now result in detrimental accusations and a stain on your corporate reputation. Rather than resorting to greenhushing, an investment in robust data and reporting can increase your credibility, strengthen trust with stakeholders, and help you make better operational decisions.

In this session, we’ll discuss the risks of having gaps in supply chain data, the tools available to build out your data collection, and the industry partners who can help you do it. We’ll also discuss:

What technologies are enabling more robust traceability and transparency?
How can better data help brands make better supply chain decisions and how can that impact corporate reputation?
How far does a brand’s responsibility go to collect, verify, and outwardly share supply chain data?

Logan Duran


Vice President, ESG and Sustainability

Elizabeth Keegan

Peterson Projects and Solutions

Head of Textiles Services

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