Conscious consumers: Do consumer values make it past checkout?

13:50 - 14:10
More than ever before, consumers are invested and outspoken on a brand’s commitment and investment in social causes. But among all the conversations on corporate responsibility, where do environmental causes rank on a consumer’s priority list? And do those consumer values follow them to the checkout counter and beyond?

Not only are many other social causes capturing a consumer’s attention, but the accelerating speed of trend turnover and an education gap on post-consumer waste and recycling garments are all also major considerations for this era of shoppers. 

In this session, we’ll explore how consumer values and purchasing trends stack up against one another. We’ll also ask: 

  • How can brands better amplify sustainability initiatives and engage consumers in responsible purchasing decisions and practices?
  • How can brands engage their customers in more sustainable recycling habits?
  • What are consumers looking for in a brand, and how can organizations ensure they’re meeting this new age of consumer scrutiny?
  • How will the rise of corporate sustainability scrutiny impact brand strategy in the long-run?

Alon Rotem


Chief Legal Officer

Tricia Carey


Chief Commercial Officer

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