Transforming pre-loved to luxury: How brands are redefining high fashion

16:45 - 17:15
Is luxury still luxury when it's pre-loved? High fashion brands have always had the power to shape consumer trends, perceptions, and purchasing decisions when creating new pieces, but do consumers still buy-in to the perception of 'luxury' when pieces are designed from used items? 
Beyond Retro and Coach would argue yes, that luxury is defined by the quality and craftmanship of a piece rather than from its origins. 

In this session, Beyond Retro and Coach dive into their recent partnership creating the Soho Bag, designed entirely from reclaimed denim, and the potential for high fashion to reshape the narrative around pre-loved goods and materials. 

Steven Bethell

Bank & Vogue


Megan Dawson-Elli


Manager - Product Sustainability

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