Sustainability of biofuels and managing risk: Can feedstocks be scalable and sustainable?

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There is increasing customer and government pressure for companies to decarbonize in order to combat climate change. The Renewable Energy Directive II placed a new target of 14% of energy in transport should be from renewable sources by 2030. 
Liquid biofuels from sustainable feedstocks can be key to this decarbonization process. However, there is a risk of doing more harm than good if sustainability is not made a priority. 
 We will discuss:
·       Which feedstocks should be used? And to what extent can these be scaled?
·       Should there be a choice between food/feed and advanced biofuels?
·       How can biofuels positively affect the agricultural, forest and waste industries? 
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Laura Buffet

Transport and Environment

Energy Director

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Senior Natural Resources Officer & Leader Energy Programme

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Dr. Peter Hawighorst


Project Manager

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