Supply is one thing, but what about demand? Will politics, consumer sentiment and campaigning hold back sustainable biofuels use by 2030?

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According to data from Copenhagen Economics, half of the EU’s 6 billion euros worth of palm oil imports are used for biodiesel mostly from South East Asia. In this session, we will look at the implications of phasing out of high-ILUC risk palm oil by 2030 and what this means for business. 
·      Does the science matter? Will perceptions trump reality when it comes to brand purchasing decisions? 
·      The future of biodiesel: How will the politics of palm oil affect biodiesel in the EU?
·      Will the palm oil controversy spread to other crops/feedstocks? 
·      Response from certification schemes to this process
·      What are the likely indirect consequences of this?
Thumb nils hermann ranum

Nils Hermann Ranum

Rainforest Foundation Norway

Head of Drivers of Deforestation Program

Thumb anita neville

Anita Neville

Golden Agri-Resources

SVP Group Corporate Communications

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