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Straw could save 830m trees

Canopy’s Nicole Rycroft explains that engaging companies on innovative ways to decrease impact on forests is just as vital as focusing on the risks

The global marketplace has a tremendous role to play in reducing the loss of the world’s ancient and endangered forests. When conscientious companies truly engage in taking responsibility for the future of our world’s forests, it’s amazing what can be accomplished.

For the past 15 years Canopy’s mission has been to work constructively with forest product customers to help them shape and implement responsible purchasing practices. Today, we work with over 700 corporate partners from small local printers to global giants such as Penguin-Random House and clothing brand H&M.

As the last large tracts of intact forest come under increasing pressure, and the links between deforestation and climate change are increasingly evident, there is a growing awareness among forest product buyers of how their purchasing decisions can effect both reputational capital, investor confidence and the future of threatened species and ecosystems.

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