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Microphone Business risks and challenges for big data and sustainability

There are many opportunities for sustainable business from big data, and the smart businesses that have been using many different forms of sustainability-related data for some time are well-placed to further develop competitive advantage from data. An expert panel debate why business ignores big data’s potential at its peril

The webinar panel comprises William Young, professor of sustainability and business, University of Leeds; Chris Brown, senior director of sustainable business, Asda; Andy Peloe, concept manager, Callcredit; and Wouter van Tol, director of sustainability and citizenship, Samsung. Introduced and moderated by Ian Welsh, Innovation Forum.

The panelists discuss:

  • What are the opportunities from the use of big data?
  • How are companies looking at long-term trends in customer buying patterns? How does this compare with attitudes in terms of sustainable buying choices?
  • What are the challenges and opportunities presented by developments in smart gadgets? How can these be used to manage big data?
  • How can data sets be segmented to give useful information on attitudes towards sustainability issues?

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