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Microphone Collaboration that ensures food security and protects ecosystem services

The future for agriculture is to feed future generations while reducing environmental costs

David Cleary, director of agriculture at The Nature Conservancy, talks with Innovation Forum’s Azadeh Ardakani about how sustainable agriculture can develop production gains with minimal environmental impact. Cleary discusses how precision agriculture can provide wins for both farmers and the environment, and he outlines some examples of why partnership can work for brands and their supply chains.

The Nature Conservancy is hosting Innovation Forum’s sustainable agriculture conference in Washington DC on April 5th and 6th. Join experts from Google, Mars, Bunge, Walmart, World Resources Institute, Wells Fargo and many more. The discussions will focus on how to leverage technology, climate-smart agriculture and cross-sector collaborations to improve sustainable farming, deliver against company objectives and balance positive impact for farmers, businesses and the planet.

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