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Microphone Driving brand performance through supply chain transparency

How tools and collaboration have helped develop more transparency in the coffee sector

For brands and companies with commodity supply chains, ensuring sustainable sourcing is no longer just a corporate responsibility issue – it’s one of long term security of supply.

But with diverse and globalised supply chains, and the myriad certifications and guidelines schemes, what are some practical steps companies can take to help ensure what they source is produced sustainably? What are the key tools and initiatives that can help, and how can companies access them?

On this webinar, taking the coffee sector as a case study, four experts focus on how companies are collaborating together with partners, and using technology, to work towards Sustainable Coffee Challenge commitments. They discuss how partners can best work together to develop more sustainable supply chains and explore how to build brand equity through transparency and impact metrics. 

  • Bambi Semroc, senior strategic advisor, Center for Environmental Leadership in Business, Conservation International
  • Daniele Giovannucci, co-founder, Committee on Sustainability Assessment (COSA)
  • James Barsimantov, COO, SupplyShift
  • David Piza Cossio, director of corporate social responsibility and sustainable sourcing, S&D Coffee & Tea

Introduced and moderated by Ian Welsh, publishing director, Innovation Forum

Webinar sponsored by SupplyShift

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