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Innovation Accelerator: How to drive systemic change for smallholder farmer communities

Low famer incomes, human rights abuses and environmental degradation still plague smallholder-based supply chains of soft commodities and other agricultural products. For the past nine months, Innovation Forum’s Innovation Accelerator project has been running an action research project to understand why.

This webinar was held to launch the initial findings of the research, which has explored a wide range of supply chains, including cotton, fruit and vegetables, dairy, coffee, soy, palm oil and maize. As well as bringing together cross-sector experience, the project sought insights from political science and development economics to explore the wider societal dynamics of communities and countries in which supply chains exist.


  • Ariana Constant, director, Clinton Development Initiative
  • Alison Ward, CEO, CottonConnect
  • Anita Neville, senior vice-president, group corporate communications, Golden Agri-Resources
  • Thilo Liedlbauer, advisor, sustainable agricultural supply chains and standards programme, GIZ
  • Yann Wyss, senior manager, social impact, Nestlé
  • Peter Stanbury, senior associate, Innovation Forum

Introduced by Toby Webb

Click here to download the new report.

Innovation Accelerator is supported by the Clinton Foundation, COLEACP, CottonConnect, GIZ, Golden Agri-Resources and Nestlé.

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