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Microphone Materials innovation and sustainability: the business opportunities in 2021

In this extended discussion, hear experts from Neste, Covestro, Unilever and the European Commission talk about scalable, affordable solutions to the sustainable materials challenge. The panel demonstrate progress, debate some difficult questions and highlight what is possible during 2021, a vitally important year, of course, for the climate.

Hear about Neste’s views on scalable, lower-greenhouse-gas-impact innovative materials. And, how Unilever plans to change purchasing policy from fossil-based to circular materials through to 2025. Learn what Covestro is doing to develop scale in production and distribution of lower GHG materials. And hear how the European Commission believes smart policymaking can maximise the upside, and minimise the downside, whilst encouraging innovation, products at scale and sustainable growth.


  • Lars Börger, vice president brand owner management, Neste
  • Lynette Chung, chief sustainability officer, Covestro
  • Marika Lindstrom, vice president, procurement – packaging, and beauty and personal care, Unilever
  • Werner Bosmans, policy officer – circular economy, European Commission 

Hosted by Toby Webb, Innovation Forum

This discussion was supported by Neste. 

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