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Microphone Mighty Earth – how to decouple agriculture and deforestation

Recent successes in soy and cocoa supply chains demonstrate a route forward for business and deforestation

Glenn Hurowitz, CEO of Mighty Earth, talks with Innovation Forum’s Ian Welsh about the NGO’s work on trying to break the links between agriculture and deforestation.

They discuss the potential for success for the new soy manifesto in South American grasslands – and why soy sourcing has become a key risk for the international beef sector. The rubber sector is a new area of focus for Mighty Earth – and Hurowitz argues that as the rubber sector companies have seen the reputational damage that palm oil sector has suffered in the past few years there is potential for NGO pressure to move the sector forward and engage on its deforestation risks. He also says that the recently announced deal on cocoa in west Africa could be a real game-changer for the sector as it brings all the relevant actors together.

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