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Microphone Modern slavery – the move from reporting to fundamental corporate change

How have modern slavery reporting requirements affected actual corporate behaviour and the broader corporate responsibility agenda?

The changing legislative landscape has meant that companies are under pressure to be transparent on how they address modern slavery.

With the UK’s modern slavery act, similar legislation in California and now at a federal level in the US, plus developments in France, Australia and elsewhere, there is increasing regulation of businesses' disclosure and transparency on their approaches to identify, mitigate and eradicate modern slavery (and broader human rights impacts) within their operations and supply chains.

But, as businesses are tackling their human rights impacts, how is mandatory reporting in turn changing broader corporate behaviour and the role of business in society?

This webinar discussion is led by:
  • Vicky Dodman, programme manager, Corporate Human Rights Benchmark
  • Didier Bergeret, director, social sustainability and GSCP, Consumer Goods Forum
  • Georgina Erangey, senior consultant, Sancroft

Introduced and moderated by Ian Welsh, publishing director, Innovation Forum

This webinar is sponsored by Sancroft.

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