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Real rural resilience: How to connect smallholder farmers directly to global markets

Innovation Forum’s “Innovation Accelerator” action research programme recently published ground-breaking research on how companies can enable smallholder development beyond siloed purchasing and initiatives.

Through 80+ interviews with those on the front lines of smallholder engagement, we uncovered opportunities for sourcing companies to link directly with smallholders growing a variety of crops.

Many of these, beyond those sold as commodities, can help lift communities out of poverty if market access can be enabled. This is linked with the increasing interest in “decommoditisation” and how that can deliver the transparency needed in supply chains.

Using a sustainable commodities marketplace approach, the discussions in this 60-minute webinar focus on how buyers can increase broad based economic development in supplier countries by sourcing multiple crops and collaborating on sourcing opportunities for smallholder communities.


  • Gotz Martin, head of sustainability implementation, Golden Agri-Resources
  • Alison Ward, CEO, CottonConnect
  • Ruth Thomas, director, Global Agribusiness Action on Equitable Livelihoods (GAA-EL)
  • Silke Peters, team leader, sustainable agricultural supply chains initiative, GIZ
  • Lea Rankinen, director, sustainability and public affairs, Paulig Group
  • Peter Stanbury, senior associate, Innovation Forum

Moderated by: Toby Webb, founder, Innovation Forum

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