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Microphone Sustainable agriculture: innovation to feed future generations

What collaboration and investment can scale solutions for famers, the food industry, consumers and the environment?

As the planet’s population increases, and natural resources are put under ever-more pressure, the agriculture industry faces the central challenge of how to grow more crops efficiently and sustainably.

More money went into funding agricultural technology startups in 2017 than the previous two years combined. Will this surge of agri tech solutions and investments provide answers that consumers and food companies are looking for? What are other solutions that will scale sustainable solutions for feeding future generations?

In this webinar, experts from food giant Mars and technology innovator Indigo Ag, debate how brands can work with their suppliers and farmers to develop sustainable agriculture solutions, and also explore what some of those solutions look like now and will do so in the future.


Ashley Allen, climate and land senior manager, Mars

Dr Kevin Kephart, head of industry relations, Indigo Ag

Introduced and moderated by Ian Welsh, Innovation Forum

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Calendar icon Virtual

Location icon 3rd - 5th November 2020

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