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Third party risk assessment in the extractives sector

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Identifying and mitigating supplier and other third party risks is ever-more vital for extractive sector companies

This latest Innovation Forum webinar focuses on third party risk assessment and how due diligence can be extended to cover supplier risks and social accountability issues.

Some of the questions our expert panel consider include:

• How can companies structure an effective third party risk screening programme? 
• How should they perform proper due diligence in high risk jurisdictions with poor transparency? 
• What are the emerging trends in third party risk screening? 
• What are some specific risks for the extractive industry? 
• What can happen if these risks are ignored?


Mark Eadie, acting head, environmental and social risk management, group corporate affairs, Standard Chartered Bank 
James Swenson, head of proposition, risk managed services, Thomson Reuters

Moderated by: Ian Welsh, publishing director, Innovation Forum

This webinar is sponsored by Thomson Reuters

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