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Webinar – Addressing gaps in sustainability: why fashion brands need more data

As apparel brands work to implement sustainability commitments across their supply chains, access to the right data is key. Collecting and utilising this data in an effective, efficient manner ensures brands can drive supply chain improvements, whilst promoting greater transparency, enabling broader industry collaboration and evidencing their hard work to consumers.

In this webinar, at a crucial moment for an industry grappling with the impact of COVID-19, we highlight practical examples and discuss the power of data in solving complex sustainable supply chain issues. We discuss the findings on this topic from a brand new report by the Economist Intelligence Unit in partnership with the US Cotton Trust Protocol and assess how the world’s leading brands are making progress.

Together with Dr Gary Adams, president of the US Cotton Trust Protocol, Jonathan Birdwell, regional head of public policy and thought leadership at the Economist Intelligence Unit, and Tara Luckman, co-founder and director at Flourish CSR, advisor to the US Cotton Trust Protocol and former head of sustainable sourcing at ASOS, we discuss:

  • The challenges facing brands in becoming more sustainable in an effort to meet SDG commitments.
  • The importance and potential of data to equip brands to overcome these key challenges.
  • The current availability of good quality data for the fashion industry, and the industry’s performance on its collection.
  • How do we move towards a more consistent model of data collection to provide more useful, actionable supply chain data?

Host: Ian Welsh, Innovation Forum

If you wish to read the full ‘Is Sustainability in Fashion’ report produced by the EIU, please click here.

To see the introductory presentation from the Economist Intelligence Unit, follow this link.

This webinar was sponsored by the US Cotton Trust Protocol.  

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