Human rights and trade | Webinar

Webinar – Human rights legislation and worldwide compliance: How to keep ahead of the regulatory curve

With continually evolving regulatory growth, international compliance has become all the more complicated. Business must be aware of how current – and emerging – global regulation impacts on their supply chains and operations across jurisdictions.

While many agree that the UK Modern Slavery Act has failed to deliver the transformational change that had been hoped for, there is now significant pressure and mounting momentum to amend this. The US government has also recently moved towards mandatory due diligence and even blocked the importation of goods from five nations due to suspicions of forced labour.

This influx of new, amended or evolving legislation can have a transformative impact on how companies operate.

In this webinar session, experts consider the following questions and more:

  • Will there be amendments made to UK Modern Slavery Act? If so, what legal changes are expected to be made to ensure comprehensive business action?
  • Across the globe, what other emerging legislation will impact on multinational companies? How can business keep ahead of the regulatory curve?
  • When and how will the EU act to protect human rights and tackle modern slavery?


  • John Morrison, chief executive, Institute for Human Rights and Business
  • Virginie Mahin, global social sustainability and human rights lead, Mondelēz Europe
  • Maria Pia Biancheti, senior policy and advocacy adviser (private sector), Unicef UK
  • Caroline Doherty de Novoa, global head of knowledge, dispute resolution, Freshfields

Host: Ian Welsh, Innovation Forum

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