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Webinar – Implementing living wage policies: how Patagonia creates meaningful change on-the-ground

Over the past decade, various apparel brands have made major commitments to deliver living wages to workers in their supply chains. However, a recent report by the University of Sheffield found that despite these ambitious commitments, low pay continues to be the status quo. And there is still widespread confusion over the definition of a “living wage”, and action on the ground varies greatly across regions.
Taking Patagonia as a case study, this webinar examines the common pitfalls in implementing living wage policies.
·      How a living wage is calculated and why living wage estimates are critical. 
·      What are the main obstacles and challenges in getting to living wages? 
·      How can business, government and civil-society groups work together to achieve these commitments?
·      What are the biggest lessons learned from Patagonia’s living wage programme so far?
•          Wendy Savage, director, social responsibility and traceability, Patagonia 
•          Alex Katz, manager, supply chain social responsibility, Patagonia 
Hosted by Ian Welsh, Innovation Forum
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