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Microphone Webinar – Real-world plastic and carton recycling solutions that work

Collection and recycling of material plays a vital part in enabling a circular economy and is an inherently complex challenge to tackle. The problem is particularly acute in developing countries where lack of proper infrastructure and waste management processes stall the progress.

This webinar brought together a diverse group of stakeholders to shed some light on the challenges and the solutions that they are currently implementing or that can be implemented in the future.

The discussion includes exchange of knowledge, experiences and ideas on how to support or transform the collection and recycling of plastics and composite materials to accelerate the transition to circular economy in packaging.


  • Cynthia Shih, director of knowledge, rethinking recycling,
  • Jasper Munier, business development manager NWE, Clariter
  • Francesca Priora, global collection programmes director, Tetra Pak
  • Michel Steinecke, R&D sustainable packaging manager, Britvic

Host: Ian Welsh, publishing director, Innovation Forum

This webinar was sponsored by the 3R Initiative.

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