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Microphone What really makes companies act on human rights?

While reputational risk used to be the principal driver for business on human rights, there are many more motivating factors for behaviour change

In the past, companies have viewed human rights risks as a reputational risk – if abuses are found, the impact on the company’s reputation has been at the forefront, making them act. But, is this still the case? 

In this Innovation Forum webinar experts from the Business and Human Rights Resource Centre and Hilton International discuss the new legislation designed to keep companies in check, such as the UK modern slavery act, and ask how far these rules and regulations really go. Are they, in fact, driving change in corporate behaviour?

What are the other motivators for business to protect human rights? And how far do corporate human rights policies go in safe guarding the rights of those in their operations and supply chains? What role can other stakeholders play in encouraging (and helping) business to take proactive action on human rights?

Ultimately, what does make companies act?
  • Mauricio Lazala, deputy director, Business and Human Rights Resource Centre
  • Caroline Meledo, global head, corporate responsibility and human rights, Hilton

Introduced and moderated by Ian Welsh, publishing director, Innovation Forum

We will be discussing this topic and more at 'Business and human rights: manage risk, implement policy and secure relationships', 1-2 November in London. Join Microsoft, Nokia, ASOS, Amnesty International, Oxfam, ABN AMRO, IHRB, BHRRC and Whitbread amongst others. Find out more here.

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