This two-day business forum will assess how companies can develop and implement robust human rights policies. We’ll look in-depth into the practicalities of supply chain transformation and what this means for the future of (ethical) trade. 
Through off-the-record debate, expert practitioners will discuss the biggest challenges as businesses adapt practices to comply with rapidly evolving legislation and ensure ethical, responsible and transparent supply chains.

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The speakers

Thumb michelle o niell

Michelle O'Neill


VP Global Corporate Affairs, Cocoa

Thumb julie vallet

Julie Vallat


VP Human Rights

Thumb matthias stausberg

Matthias Stausberg


Group Advocacy Director

Thumb linda kromjong

Linda Kromjong

Samsung Electronics

Global Labor & Human Rights Director

Thumb virginine mahin

Virginie Mahin

Mondelēz International

Global Social Sustainability & Human Rights Lead

Thumb cclare flannery

Clare Flannery


Responsible Sourcing Director

Thumb 0  1

Pins Brown

The Body Shop

Head of Ethical Trade & Sustainable Sourcing

Thumb benet northcote

Benet Northcote

John Lewis Partnership

Director, Corporate Responsibility

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Agenda highlights

  • The business case beyond compliance: How to drive board level action and resources
  • Evolving legislation and worldwide compliance: How companies can keep ahead of the regulatory curve
  • Effective due diligence: How to ensure practices are comprehensive, cost effective and drive better outcomes for workers 
  • Investor perspectives: What really matters to investors and what do they want to see from business?
  • Ethical consumerism: How far will consumer attitudes drive greater action from brands?  
  • Supply chain action: In-depth case studies into leading programmes and initiatives for responsible recruitment, factory engagement and remediation
  • Engage and incentivise procurement: What works, what doesn’t?
  • Living wage: Collaboration that is driving change at scale, while avoiding unintended consequences 
  • Tech and innovation: How AI and advances in tech are transforming audits and enabling more effective risk mapping 
  • Consumer certification labels vs brand own-label schemes: What is the best way forward? 
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Why attend?

Presentation icon

Discover best practices from industry leaders and get in-depth guidance on how to effectively implement policies

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Meet & network with an influential audience of key stakeholders, including NGOs, business, government and supply chain actors

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Benchmark company performance amongst a room of your peers and discover where you should be focusing efforts

What’s different about this forum?

Innovation Forum is:
  • Candid: Entirely off-the-record discussion that enables open and honest disclosure from speakers and genuine participation from the audience.
  • Practical: A clear focus on the practical and actionable guidance that can drive change throughout industries and supply chains.
  • Focused: We provide enough time, resources and expertise to the issues that really matter. We don’t skate the surface, but get to the crux of the issues to provide in-depth, constructive discussion.
Innovation Forum is NOT:
  • A PR platform: Enthusiastic speakers are NOT given free rein to fill a session presenting their companies, allowing no time to actually get to the crux of the issues.
  • A talking shop: This is NOT an opportunity for a group people in a room to simply agree with everything said, regardless of outcomes.
  • All promise, no delivery: We will NOT promise what we can’t deliver. The issues covered are complex. They won’t be solved at a two-day conference. But we will help deliver progress through in-depth, constructive and practical advice around specific issues.

Who attends

Mondelēz International
The Coca-Cola Company
Schneider Electric
British American Tobacco
Allianz Global Investors
Barrick Gold Corporation
Suiker Unie
Novo Nordisk
Philips Lighting
The Body Shop
Coca-Cola European Partners
The Freedom Fund
Save the Children
European Commission

Supported by

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Kate Chandler
Project Manager
[email protected]
+44 (0) 20 3780 7434

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Registration for the conference is currently open. To sign up, you can do so online here, or get in touch directly for details of group discounts. 


For more information and to inquire, please contact:

Jack Munn
Business Development Manager
[email protected]
+44 (0) 20 3780 7438

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Important update: Innovation Forum's first half conferences go virtual

As a result of the significant public health concerns around COVID-19, we are excited to announce that this year’s first half conferences will be moving to an interactive virtual conference held on the same dates. 
Innovation Forum is committed to enabling debate, dialogue and collaboration in these critical areas. Without being able to meet in person, we are doing everything we can to ensure these conversations still take place and business momentum is kept up in these extremely challenging times.
We are currently designing a sophisticated virtual platform to ensure that the discussions and debates still take place in a dynamic, engaging and interactive way. We’re also placing an real emphasis on ensuring attendees great networking opportunities via the platform. Over the two day conferences, you will have access to rich and interactive plenary and breakout sessions with high-level speakers and moderators from around the world. Live chat functions will also allow you to connect with any attendee at the event. 
This interactive and virtual feature also gives us the opportunity to add new formats and live discussions that really dig into the specific real world challenges faced by companies. So this year’s conferences will still deliver the same in-depth, practical and honest dialogue around each of the key issues.
Please get in touch for more information on the virtual conference, or for details on how to join.
Warm regards, 
Oliver Bamford | Managing Director
Innovation Forum: events and insight for sustainability
+44 (0) 203 780 7431
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