This two-day business conference will explore practical examples of specific company initiatives and leading business practices in key areas of sustainability performance. The emphasis will remain on how business can drive a positive impact throughout supply chains and operations, whilst delivering measurable results. 
The conference is designed to lay out the practical steps companies can take to implement and communicate policies and targets in key areas. We’ll also assess how companies can best engage key stakeholders in purpose and mission driven initiatives – both internally and externally.

The venue

Located in the heart of Shoreditch, with easy access from the city and surrounding areas, the Amnesty International Human Rights Action Centre is the hosting the forum. 

Amnesty International

Human Rights Action Centre
17-25 New Inn Yard
United Kingdom

Get in touch

For any questions on the conference, please contact:

Sheniz Mushtaq
Project Director
[email protected]
+44 (0) 20 3780 7434

Sign up

Registration for the conference is currently open. To sign up, you can do so online here, or get in touch directly for details of group discounts. 


For more information and to inquire, please contact:

Anita Thomson
Business Development Manager
[email protected]
+44 (0) 20 3780 7438

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