Policy brief: Will the EU end fast fashion? Insights into the latest policy changes and what they mean for the industry, in the EU and beyond

09:25 - 10:00
With an ambition to end fast fashion by 2030, the EU policy landscape is rife with proposals. According to Euratex, 16 pieces of legislation relevant to textiles are currently on the table, ranging from sustainable design and procurement to chemical use and waste shipment rules. Whilst the EU has been applauded for the tougher measures, many question whether the proposals are ambitious enough.

In this quick-fire session we'll provide an overview of the complex policy landscape and assess how the latest policy changes will impact the EU and beyond. Will the EU really end fast fashion?

Mauro Scalia


Director Sustainable Businesses

António De Sousa Maia

European Commission

Legal and Policy Officer for Textiles, DG GROW

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