Rental, resale, repair: How can we assess the sustainability impact of alternative business models?

11:25 - 12:00
The market is rife with rental, resale, and repair services as more and more apparel brands adopt circular approaches. Whilst this is certainly a positive step, concerns around the true sustainability impact of these schemes are almost as prevalent as the services themselves: Rental services come with increased shipping and cleaning costs. The benefits of resale are limited if second-hand purchases are made in addition to, not instead of, new garments. Most products aren’t designed for durability and longevity and can’t be repaired.

 Do the PR benefits of current programs exceed their environmental benefits? In this session we’ll assess how brands can assess the sustainability impact of alternative business models. 
  • Sustainability: How can brands determine the true impact of these schemes? Are they reducing sales, replacing sales, or even increasing sales without the guilty conscious? 
  • Scalability: Is there a standardized, best practice for measuring and verifying the environmental and social benefits of these models? 
  • Profitability: What about economic sustainability? Can alternative business models prove the profitability that is required to get them beyond pilots?

Nienke Steen

Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute

Global Lead Apparel, Textiles & Footwear

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