Demonstrating progress: How to verify green claims to ensure credibility, authenticity and sustainability

14:20 - 15:20
Between growing consumer scepticism and a regulatory crackdown on green claims, brands must choose their words very carefully when communicating on sustainability. Fears of being accused of greenwash have opened a new era of greenhush, with many brands wondering if sharing their sustainability progress with the public is worth the risk of backlash. Neither greenwash nor greenhush is conducive to sustainable transformation – we need to have open, honest and meaningful communication on sustainability.
In this session we’ll explore the nuances in navigating sustainability transparency, whilst protecting brand reputation. We’ll discuss:
  • How better data and supply chain traceability can substantiate sustainability claims and empower consumers with better information
  • Practical examples of simple, authentic engagement with consumers that can build trust and elevate brand reputation
  • What is the role of brands in tackling misinformation within the apparel industry?

Cat Lee

The White Company

Head of Ethics and Sustainability

Malgorzata Gołębiewska

European Commission

Team Leader - Environmental Footprint, DG Environment

Tara Luckman

U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol

Stakeholder Engagement Manager (Consultant)

Anwarul Islam

Pacific Jeans

General Manager & Group Head of Sustainability

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