Government intervention and incentives: What are policy makers planning to do about the industry’s climate and waste impacts

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Government action and policy implementation is a key ingredient to enable ethical and sustainable apparel supply chains. Voluntary schemes are simply not enough and stricter government intervention is instrumental in holding all actors accountable. 
Across the globe, we’re starting to see an increased appetite for government intervention. For example, France plans to outlaw the destruction of clothing and accessories by 2023, a staple practice in the industry to avoid items ending up in discount stores or on the “grey market”. In the UK, the Environmental Audit Committee conducted an inquiry into the sustainability of the fashion industry and (albeit unsuccessfully) fought to implement measures such as the introduction of a new Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) scheme to reduce textile waste through a 1p tax per item. Government involved in China (the apparel industry’s largest production hub), has now focused on building more sustainable supply chains as part of its five-year plan. In January 2019, the country’s National Textile and Apparel Council outlined its plan for “Technology, Fashion and Green”. 
With the increasing likelihood of greater legislation the will affect apparel brands, this session will look to answer questions such as:
  • How will upcoming legislation affect brands’ manufacturing practices?
  • What do apparel brands need to do now to keep ahead of the regulatory curve? 
  • What is still standing in the way of governments effectively implementing sustainable apparel policies and when are these likely to come about?
  • What policies have worked so far and what can other countries learn from them?
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Kestutis Sadauskas

European Commission

Director, Circular Economy & Green Growth

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Slawomir Tokarski

European Commission

Director, Innovation and Advanced Manufacturing

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Pascale Moreau


Public Affairs Europe

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Baptiste Carriere-Pradal

Sustainable Apparel Coalition

Vice President, Europe

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