Circular by design: How can designers prioritize style AND sustainability?

09:55 - 10:30
True circularity begins at the design stage. Products must incorporate design principles such as low-impact materials, longevity, and low-waste. They must be designed to retain maximum value throughout as many lifecycles as possible. But what happens when ‘style’ and ‘sustainability’ don’t align?

In this session, we will assess how brands can ensure sustainability and circularity are placed at the forefront of product design. We’ll address:

  • How can brands engage design teams on circular design principles? What incentive structures have proven to work and what clear set of KPIs can designers work to?
  • What’s the role of material innovation in sustainable product design?
  • Is cost the greatest inhibitor to sustainable designs? And how can the cost barrier be overcome to ensure scalability in sustainable design?

Andrea Rosso


Sustainability Ambassador

Thijs Maartens


Vice President Sustainability

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